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Day 1: Show Zones

Cityx, the Connected Places expo, will bring together leaders, businesses and cities working in two key areas – Housing and Mobility – where change is both urgently needed and entirely achievable if we all work together. Each day consists of the following activities:


  • Discovering the Challenges in Housing: explore the emerging challenges surrounding the Housing sector.  Share ideas on what challenges you might be facing from your organisations.
  • Unlocking Innovation Potentials in Housing: explore ways to apply innovative thinking in creating solutions that can meet the challenges in Housing.  Create new ideas that can help add value to our society.


We will be running 4 speaker corners throughout each day and inviting a stellar cast of thought leaders in the fields of Housing and Mobility to share their visions for what the future holds – both the challenges and of course the opportunities – in a series of dynamic 20-minute talks. Watch this space for the line-up.

Topics will include:

  • Connected homes – Due to the rapid development in the Internet of Things (IoT), we are experiencing ever-increasing ‘connectivity’ in our daily life, especially in our homes, where we spend the majority of our time. According to Tech UK, the connected home is the largest IoT segment with seven billion connected devices in 2018, making up 26% of the IoT market. Bringing greater convenience and productivity, connected homes have huge potential to revolutionise the way we live.
  • Low-carbon homes – Buildings alone account for almost 40% of all human greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the world, and more than half of these come from residential properties – our homes. Being part of the worldwide low-carbon movement, the implication of low-carbon houses could help us not only meet future energy needs but also have a positive impact on addressing climate change issues.
  • Modern Methods of Construction – With the increasing scale and complexity of new development projects and the demand for new homes on the rise, the house building sector is ripe for disruption. Enabled by technology advancement and innovation, a range of modern construction methods have emerged which are increasingly adopted by the sector. These have improved construction efficiency, lowered costs, and promoted sustainable development.
  • Assisted living – The growing ageing population, and support for those living with disabilities, are areas of increasing demand on the UK’s health and care system. In response to these challenges and needs, new and innovative assisted living technologies have been developed to support older people and those with disabilities to live more independent and sustainable lives in their own homes.


As well as demonstration spaces, all exhibitors will also be invited to address the audience in open mic Q&A sessions, where they can outline the challenges they are looking to solve, how they are deploying innovation in pursuit of that solution. Discover the innovators of tomorrow and ask them questions at one of these sessions.


Active during the entirety of both days, the Business Café provides a space for both pre-booked and spontaneous networking and collaboration, where Expo attendees are encouraged to explore potential collaboration and even setting up supply and demand relationships.


A number of professional advisors that include access to advisory sessions with organisation such as The Catapult Network, EEN, KTN, DIT and IPexperts from Withers & Rogers LLP, , and covering a range of topics – funding, partnerships, internationalisation, acceleration programs, sector focused expertise, etc. – will be offering 20 minute one-to-one guidance sessions that can be booked in advance online or on the day (subject to availability).


Each day concludes with a networking drinks reception.