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Day 1

ELAD Network

ELAD.Network is a marketplace for real estate transactions. The online platform uses blockchain technology to create a fast and secure way to buy or invest in real estate. Our digital platform provides a new way to invest in real estate called fractional shared ownership, where a property can be digitally divided into micro fractions then invested and traded in small or large portions. This new solution makes it quick and easy to create a property portfolio and give access to new investors who are not able to invest due to budget or geographical location. Our Mission is to provide a secure globally accessible marketplace, where our customers can buy, sell and invest in real estate in a transparent digital environment. By utilizing fractional ownership, real estate developers, and property institutions can seek financing solutions from institutional and the retail investor market. By using blockchain technology we will create a space where property sellers can have access to a global audience and accept cross border payments, while increasing exposure, security and transparency and at the same time cutting completion times.
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