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DriverNet digitally transforms passenger and mobile workforce operations for local authorities and the NHS. Our platform is made up of a cloud-based management system and mobile apps for drivers, assistants and health and social care professionals. DriverNet provides a series of modular services that improve the efficiency, experience and service levels of their day to day operations. Our services include: • Scheduling and Deployment • Route Optimisation • Vehicle Inspections and Defects • Incident Reporting and CRM • Client Tracking and SMS Notifications • Dynamic Routing and Live Maps • Messaging Channels • Client Profiles and Checklists • Lone Worker Safety Alerts • Offline Working Mode DriverNet is now being used by local authorities in adult social care, special educational needs and schools, non-emergency patient transport and Dial A Rides. The app is also due to launch with NHS community nurses, enabling customers across the wider sector to operate in more smart, safe and secure ways.
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