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Day 1

City Standards

Standards Clinic – Do you have challenges in making, finding or using standards? Come and talk to us. Standards are simply an agreed way of doing something. Currently, there are over 10,000 standards for cities with many different specialisms underpinning much of how our cities work. Yet, difficulties in finding what standards to use and a lack of accessibility and user friendliness is causing major barriers to adoption. Our standards team are running a clinic to give you the opportunity to share your experience of standards and ask any questions you may have, whatever your experience of standards may be and however simple or complex your question. We want to capture the challenges you are facing with making, finding, and using standards and are looking to collaborate to explore innovative ways of how we can address these challenges. Capturing these challenges will give us a better understanding about the experiences of the people who create standards, the people who use the standards, and the common problems around standards as a whole. Through the clinic we can help increase the knowledge of standards, and understand how we can work together to help improve the accessibility and the user friendliness of standards; and ultimately enable increased adoption of standards and the benefits this can have in the connected places market.
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