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25th – 27th September 2018

The Future Cities Expo

brought to you by Future Cities Catapult

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25th – 27th September 2018

The Future Cities Expo

brought to you by Future Cities Catapult

Cities are humanity’s greatest innovation.

They are engines of prosperity. Yet they also create huge challenges, from congestion to social isolation. Tackling these is a vital role of mayors and city managers, and also presents a commercial opportunity for businesses.

Cityx is an opportunity to dive into the priority challenges facing today’s cities, discover how UK businesses are harnessing emerging technologies to unlock radical new solutions, and develop the relationships needed to drive the adoption of ‘Advanced Urban Services’.

Join leading businesses, market disruptors, pioneering researchers, city mayors and managers and other key city stakeholders for three days of presentations, workshops and curated networking.

Programme Overview

Each of the three days are themed around the most pressing challenges facing cities, with inspiring speakers from industry, academia and city leadership helping us exploring the topic, and the best and brightest innovators showcasing relevant products, services and solutions.

Day One – Tuesday 25th September

The Adaptable City

Over the past decade cities have rapidly grown to become the main habitat for people across the globe. At the same time urban footprints have grown at twice the speed of urban populations. However, while digital technologies have transformed the way that people live, work and play, built environment professionals are still reliant on 19th century governance and 20th century tools to tackle our 21st century urban problems.

Day Two – Wednesday 26th September

The Breathable City

Toxic air results in more than 400,000 early deaths across Europe each year and has been shown to have significant effects on healthy brain development in children. Many of the core activities of cities such as building, freight, waste management and transportation have significant air quality ramifications.

Day Three – Thursday 27th September

The Mobile City

As urban populations grow, so does the demand for more efficient, inclusive mobility. Coupled with the advantages provided by emerging technology and more human-centred planning, there are rich opportunities for innovative solutions both on a personal and city scale.